About Gruvi 

I realized food itself didn’t give me energy, nutrients did. Letting go of food as the priority made me emotionally, spiritually and mentally free. How? I went on a 30 day fast from solid foods and drank nothing but juices with spirulina, herbal teas and water.  The results were immense energy, clarity and the feeling of being unstoppable.

-Bert Benjamin, PhD (founder of Gruvi Juices)

Gruvi is an all-natural juice company that produces non-GMO fruit juices infused with the superfood Spirulina! Spirulina is an iron and vitamin rich sea algae proven to promote overall health when consumed.

Gruvi's mission is to actively try and combat the misconception that healthy living is rigid, boring, and difficult. We produce a delicious juice, be as funky as possible, and live an active fun lifestyle based around balance.


Gruvi Juices taste amazing and are loaded with essential nutrients. Our secret is that you get real nutrients (nothing synthetic) from a whole food source which your body readily absorbs. We are passionate about improving the lives of our consumers and strongly believe in the power of natural health.


Live Life Gruvi !