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About Gruvi 

"I Was Inspired By My Father Overcoming  Prostate Cancer by Him Reducing His Meat Consumption and Juicing Fresh Fruits and Vegetables. That Led Me To Study Nutrition and  Went On a 30 day Fast with Spirulina Fruit  Juices, Water and Tea. After 30 Days I Felt So Much  Energy and Clarity That I Wanted To Share That Feeling With The World."



                                                               WHO WE ARE

Gruvi is a natural health company that

produces natural health content, products and fruit juices infused with the superfood Spirulina! Spirulina is an iron and vitamin rich sea algae proven to promote overall health when consumed.

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1. Make "Healthy" tasty, easy and fun. 

2.Help millions of people feel and share a great feeling.  

3. Spread health not sickness 



Gruvi Juices taste amazing and are loaded with essential nutrients. Our secret is that you get real nutrients (nothing synthetic) from a whole food which your body readily absorbs. We are passionate about improving the lives of our consumers and strongly believe in the power of natural health.


We Believe a World With More People Feeling Great is Ultimately a Better World Because The Better You Feel the Better You Will Treat Others. Our Products are Made to Enjoy, Share and Ultimately Help You Live Your Best Life!!  

Live Life Gruvi !

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